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How it works?

The basic idea is simple: by offering amazing design variations alongside your original photos, your company can increase shopping cart values, offer a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

UPGRD can be integrated with your existing system via a public secure API. Our customer success team will help you with a successful API integration and authentication. Documentation and support are provided to make the integration as smooth as possible.

For Volume Photography Companies

For Volume Photography Companies

Black and white photos were the industry standard in the beginning. Next big step came with color photographs. The latest milestone was digitalization, which took photo sales online. But what is the next big thing in volume photography?

We believe, that in 2019 digital photos can be more than black & white or sepia editions. We also believe, that volume photography companies can make much better sales by offering more variations to their customers. Book a demo to hear more.

ERP Solutions

For ERP Solutions

What would you say if you could get more users for your volume photography ERP software and online sales system? Well now you can, because there are no photographers who wouldn’t like to sell more photos to their clients.

By offering high selling design variations your customers can increase their shopping cart values and offer a better customer experience to their customers. Beautiful! Book a demo to hear more.

For Volume Photography Companies


We have a stock of more than 100,000 design variations, waiting to be integrated with your online sales system.

Whether you focus on kindergarten, school, church, junior sports, dance teams or any other branch of volume photography, we can customize a specific design theme that fits your needs.



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  2. Send us test photos to be processed (up to 5 000)
  3. UPGRD will be integrated with your online sales system via a secure API with the help of our tech team
  4. Watch your photo sales skyrocket!

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10 000 – 1 000 000 photos, we are ready to deliver

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90% of volume photo customers would like to see design themes.
Over 50% of volume photo customers buy design themes.
Design themes can increase shopping cart value over 20%.
Design themes sold so far with over 1 400 000 USD


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”We have three children and experience of dozens of school photos. These photos beat them all.”

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