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We started building UPGRD Photos when we realized that school, sports and kindergarten photos looked the same as they did 30 years ago, when we were children. As parents and passionate photographers and graphic designers, we decided that something had to be done. Professionally we knew that digital photo editing could be so much more than just sepia or black & white!

We built UPGRD Photos, an automation that offers hundreds of design themes, all created by professional graphic designers and art directors.

With UPGRD Photos, photographers, volume photography companies and volume photography software providers can upgrade their photo services – and sales – beyond the ordinary.

UPGRD Photos can be used as full workflow online software or integrated into an enterprise sales system (API). See more under the Products link and join the volume photography revolution!


90% of volume photo customers would like to see design themes.
Over 50% of volume photo customers buy design themes.
Design themes can increase shopping cart value over 20%.
Design themes sold so far with over 1 400 000 USD


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”We have three children and experience of dozens of school photos. These photos beat them all.”

- UPGRD client testimonial -